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London Bridge is located on the great ocean road in Victoria Australia.


The Great Ocean Road sprawls out for 243km around Victoria, taking in gorgeous views of the coastline and an array of natural wonders. It’s a hugely popular attraction with tourists who are looking to soak up the beauty of Australia and get to grips with its wild and wonderful landscape.

Throughout the route there are a number of landmarks that you can stop off and see, many of which are quirky rock formations and unusual scenes.

One such quirky formation is London Bridge or London Arch. Set amongst the Campbell National Park, it is one of the top sights that tourists scramble to see in this area. Why? Well, for starters it’s an incredible sight to see and, secondly, it has an interesting history.

You see, before 1990, London Bridge was exactly that – a bridge that connected the arch of land to the mainland. It got its name from its likeness to its Old London Bridge namesake. But in 1990, rock tragedy struck and part of the bridge collapsed into the ocean, leaving a chunk of land isolated in the ocean. It didn’t just leave the land isolated though. Oh no. There were actually two tourists sightseeing at the time and they were cut off from the mainland and had to wait a number of hours before they could be rescued by helicopter.

I mean, what were the chances of them being there at that exact moment? There are other rumours surrounding this story, with some people saying that the couple were actually conducting an affair and the newsworthy story blew their cover, but this hasn’t exactly been confirmed.

Top tips for visiting London Bridge

Take your time

So many people whizz around the Great Ocean Road trying to cram it all into one day. Whilst this will certainly get the job done, it doesn’t give you time to appreciate the beauty and admire the views.

Great Ocean Road London BridgeLondon Bridge is situated near the 12 Apostles, one of the most iconic scenes in Australia, and offers lots of stunning views over the surrounding scenery. The site itself boasts two viewing platforms at different elevations. Both are fairly close to the carpark and both are well worth checking out for different perspectives.

Visit early morning or evening

It goes without saying that sunrises and sunsets provide the perfect lighting for viewing natural wonders so, for the ultimate London Bridge experience, head to the site just as the sun is beginning to rise or set. Most of the crowds come in during the day, so it will also be slightly emptier at the start and end of the day.

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